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Current owner
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It looks like the castle stills without an owner.

Basic Information
[*] Any player can join the event. You do not need to be inside a guild.
[*] Loot and experience will not be lost by diying inside the arena.
[*] The one that got more points must be online to win.
[*] If no one wins the castle, it will stay without an owner until the next time.
[*] Points can be earned by standing over the red throne.
Todos os dias (every day) 21:00
Quelibra Castle (until the next time)
15 bars of gold*
Monster of the Day Monster Pedestal

Top 5 Experience

1 - Sir Tai
   Level: (588)
   Royal Paladin
2 - Dolor
   Level: (563)
   Master Sorcerer
3 - Makavelii
   Level: (551)
   Elder Druid
4 - Mattryxzin
   Level: (539)
   Royal Paladin
5 - Dificilmente Perigo
   Level: (527)
   Elite Knight